Social Media Marketing – An Introduction

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Why social?

Naturally human beings are social creatures. Where ever we go, we seek each other out – this is the reason why the community is growing of social media users today. Social media helps everyone to connect / interact anyone (Friends / Family), anywhere, that too at anytime. In this scenario, social media plays a huge impact on how the businesses are done.

How’s the impact?

  • Traditional media – If you think of communication medium that are present before the existence of different digital technologies, like television, radio, newspapers and books.
  • Customer retention – Major part of any service businesses would be the efforts to encourage repeat business over a long period of time from the existing customer base.
  • Real-time communication – Live exchange of information without disruption will be a part of communication. Whereas newspaper advertisement isn’t real-time because there will be a delay between the advertisement created and it’s published in the Newspaper. Whereas, a post in social media is immediate: as soon as someone posts it, it’s out there for the world to see.
  • Customer loyalty – Loyal Customer will be your Advocacy to buy your goods or services. Loyal Customers will prefer to buy goods from the same place over and over again, rather than from a competitor or cheaper or any other convenient options. If you are a business, you should encourage loyalty of customer through good customer service and engaging marketing activities.

What is social media?

Social media is a medium of websites or apps that which allows people to interact with one another by creating and sharing images, text, videos and even GIFs. There are varieties of social media platforms present today, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp to YouTube and LinkedIn.

Social media has completely changed the way a business or serviced can reach to its customers. Current scenario, even from small startups with 5 team members to large corporates with 50,000 employees, companies are using social media to reach and inspire, sell products to people all over the world. Social media offers huge opportunities to get to know your customers and also to build relationships with them. It’s one of the exciting ways to do marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media is great for personal use to social interactions, also be a highly effective medium for any type of business. All sizes of Companies, NGOs as well, can use social media to connect with customers and grow their social community. Social media marketing is the way in which you reach out to people and promote your business using social media.

Many successful businesses are changing the way people learn, explore and discover new things with social media. Social Media always allows businesses to advertize in a targeted, consumer-focused way, offering the potential for great value for money from advertising budgets.

What has changed marketing because of Social media?

Social media marketing is a two-way conversation; always direct interaction helps create a stronger with a longer lasting customer relationship. Communicating in a reactive nature and in a timely way has never been simpler.

Social media marketing has been an effective way to create business awareness with a positive, and a memorable impression. Creating inspiring posts can encourage more customer engagement.

Social media marketing allows your business to engage, entertain and respond to your audience. Businesses transform itself by the way of communicating with new and existing customers via: Social media. A simple, yet effective, open conversation can help people feel more at ease when interacting. Always it improves your marketing and customer retention through audience insights.

Looking at what works well will help you understand how you can best use social media for your business.

The benefits of building connections

So, what’s so great about social media marketing? Well, it has a lot of potential benefits for businesses.

It helps you reach new customers, quickly: Social media offers a business the potential to reach millions of people all over the world in a targeted and personalized way. It is an easy and effective way to increase the reach and impact of your business’s marketing.

Online discussions about your business, customer experiences and their recommendations can all contribute to a business online growth, and make more people aware of your business, and its products and services.

Real-time access: Social media lets you post content and interact with people instantly, giving you a way to build your business’s identity fast. Real-time communication allows you to ensure your business is accessible and available at any time.

It builds trust and relevance: Social media is a platform that allows you to engage and interact with a customer in a way that makes them feel valued. Honest communication helps build long-term customer trust. It also allows you to learn more about your audience: their day-to-day life, needs, wants and desires. This helps your business and its message align with their interests.

It allows you to build a community: Think about the times when you feel most confident, comfortable and inspired. Often it’s when you’re with friends, family or neighbours: a group of like-minded people that know one another and share a strong connection.

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