Essence of Digital Marketing Plus AHA Moments!

Hello, Excuse Me!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Krishnaraja CH, Digital Marketer professional cum consultant. I know I have some of the skills and knowledge for being a digital nomad. I have learned but not had been implementing it. If at all I am a Digital Marketer, I learn a lot through knowledge, religion, life, sharing, etc.

“Sharing Your Knowledge To Gain Knowledge”

When Deepak announced a paid internship program a few days ago, I jumped on this opportunity. As I knew this was my last chance to try my hand on digital marketing and learn bit by bit. That too from a person who is one of the top digital marketers in India. I have been following DigitalDeepak for more than 4 Years.

Weakness to strength, Content Writing is one of my weaknesses. I usually write content browsing through the web understanding the way of being the content is being published. I have a fear of being criticized or scared about failure. Reading the blog by DigitalDeepak motivated me. Read his blog on ‘Your Failure is Inevitable’!

All pumped up for the first class of the internship on 25th February 2019!

As Always Deepak never disappoints. He creates enthusiasm, engages, encourages, endeavors, entitles every learner with his bundle of resources and knowledge.

I’m a person who wants theory and practicality which is of a full circle. Later strategy drives it all. Also, Networking which may be socially or other ways of offline networking. Networking builds friendships too.

Key Takeaways of the DigitalDeepak Internship Program,

  1. Deepak’s, “The Golden Triangle” is what I have been applying to my life, Learn > Do > Teach.
  2. Create Goals, Execute it.
  3. The market is expanding day by day.
  4. Global economics and related reads.
  5. Integrated digital marketing strategy.
  6. Selecting My Niche, Tool to decide Niche.
  7. Build a personal Brand: Beat the best, Stand Out, more content.
  8. Funnel: Give Freebies, Build trust, automate the process, build brand ambassador.

Decide and write down your goal

Deciding and writing down the goal will help a lot. Some of my major goals through this program are,

  • Improving communication skills.
  • Developing sales ability.
  • Personal branding.
  • Last but not least strategy for digital marketing.

According to Warren Buffett’s,”5/25 Strategy“. List top 25 goals, prioritize your top 5 goals and focus on these only. Always Say No to the Inessential.

Finding the Gold

Deepak narrates, Gold is nothing but a market. Market needs marketers to explore and give solutions that create wealth. Market is expanding day by day. Find your market, Focus on narrow niche and excel. He engaged the audience by finding attendees’ opinions of a narrow niche. It gives different examples and encourages the audience to think in terms of the market.

Global Economics

Economics is not directly related to digital marketing. But economics is much required. Debt creates money. If a country’s average age is less then the opportunity is high and creates better for the country’s economy.

Deepak also recommends reading some of the books related to Economics 101 and Currency of wars. Also “The Big Short hollywood movie as it’s related to the financial crisis.

Communication for good

Improve communication to have better content writing skill. Always be a writer and listener to improve it. Start with simple and move on to complex ones. Some ways Deepak suggested are,

  • Reading much i.e: 30 minutes a day.
  • Listen to podcasts i.e: 30 minutes a day.
  • Write as much as possible with a minimum of  500 words.
  • Watch English sitcoms.
  • Watch stand up comedy shows.

Deepak gave an example saying, China will be a global power with improving the economy of the country. So to do business in China, Better to Learn Mandarin which may help in future.

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a way to market, that’s why it will not die. As Deepak mentioned, Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing. Benefits of digital marketing are very positive.
Recommends a book called, “Scientific Advertising” By Claude Hopkins.

Deepak follows Integrated Digital Marketing for his business.

I think this will surely work, what do you say ?

Didn’t understand, Advice you to Check It, Read it. Content Marketing 2.0

Selecting A Niche

While selecting a niche you need to be thinking of having all major niches and narrow down to a small niche. Major formula to select a niche will be,

Niche = Talent + Passion + Market Opportunity

Based on this go on to make some market research to select a narrow niche with use of some tools like,

  • Google Auto Suggest, help for the search suggestions you see when searching Google. Tool is intended to speed up your experience with the search by trying to predict what you are searching for when using Google.
  • Answer The Public, provides insight for marketers. Presents aggregated view of the questions & therefore a hint of the motivations & emotions of the people behind each search query.
  •, Find Great Keywords.

Develop products and services around your niche to get more customers. He presented a goal or dream to make 1 Crore in 3 Years. I say, ”Never Give up”.

Building your personal brand

Always build a personal brand so that best known will always beat the best in the market. Building personal brand will help you to stand out from the herd. Show your character well so that your personal brand portrays your personality. More content you write and build the brand, the more you will own the internet. Uniqueness will make you fit in your tribe.

Benefits of building the personal brand,

  • People will speak to you, as people will hear you and not a brand.
  • Helps you to get better opportunities which may be Job or as a consultant.
  • Build your community of people.

About Funnel

Funnel is a strategy to attract your tribe with different levels.

  • Initial level of funnel needs to attract free content and resources.
  • Build trust.
  • Automate the process.
  • Build relationship on automation.
  • Build brand ambassadors.

Create Funnel or strategy such a way that If you are able to attract 10,00,000 people, you need to get 1000 people to be your customers.

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Bonus: The Startup Course 2.0 by YourStory Academy

I have illustrated about me and my key takeaways from the DigitalDeepak Internship [Batch2] powered by Deepak Kanakaraju aka, DigitalDeepak.

I would like to appreciate your time for reading the Essence of digital marketing with Aha moments! Keep Smiling, Inspiring, Sharing, Caring and Never Ending.

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